I was blessed with clear skin, no acne, no blackhead/whitehead etc since I was young up till last year. And the acne journey begin…. It’s all started this year, (dalam bulan 3 macamtu) bila tengah hyped dekat twitter pasal how you should jaga your muka, wajib pakai moisturiser, sunscreen etc. Before ni I memang pakai akan wajib kan myself pakai toner and moisturiser after cuci guna cleanser. Tapi sunscreen tak pernah pakai unless nak pergi beach je :’) So I start dengan tambah sunscreen dalam my daily routine. I used Biore Perfect Protect Milk SPF 50+.


After berapa hari pakai, mula naik tiny bumps dekat area pipi. I gelabah dah sebab before ni paling teruk jerawat seketul dua or jerawat pasir dekat dahi only. I checked the ingredients contained in this sunscreen, turned out ada alcohol and it’s not suitable for those yg ada dry skin :'( (you can check your skincare/makeup ingredients here SkinCarisma) I rasa tu yang triggered naik tiny bumps. And pada masa yang sama, I tengah try pakai Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Basically, it is used for double cleansing.

Sumber: Simple

I thought bila dah stop guna biore tu elok sikit muka I, tapi I silap :’) Makin lama makin teruk, jerawat bersepah sampai rasa malu and tak confident sangat nak jumpa orang sebab semua orang mesti akan tanya.

That’s when I knew I had to do something to clear my skin. So what I did was, I stop guna product yang I rasa macam “membantu” muka I jadi lagi teruk. I strengthen my basic je dulu cause hydration is the key! Once I started actively jaga yang basic, it started to get a lot better. My face is almost completely clear, and it feels really good.
5 basic things I did to clear my skin sepanjang this hurtful journey is cleanser > toner > serum > moisturiser > sunscreen. Masa ni jarang sangat pakai makeup sebab I nak bagi my skin bernafas dengan selesa πŸ˜‚

I didn’t really document my acne journey like tak ada la sampai tahap I wrote up tarikh segala apa bagai tu πŸ˜… Tapi bila I go through my phone’s gallery, I can see the difference. My skin is not that flawless but yeah, ada banyak improvement. Here are some picture during this journey.

actually if you guys tengok in real life macam lagi teruk sobs. But Alhamdulillah, it’s getting better. Okay dekat bawah ni is my current skin condition. Jerawat still ada but tak seteruk before this and there are some parut here and there. ROAD TO FLAWLESS SKIN 2019!

That’s all for now. Nanti I rajin I akan update about every single things yang I guna untuk recover my skin :p nantikan PART 2 hehe. See you in next post. Till then, bye!

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