Hi everyone. I hope you have a nice long weekend. Ramai yang apply cuti today sebab esok cuti new year. Sadly, no cuti for my husband tapi it’s okay, that’s life :’) He’s working so hard for us pon bukan untuk orang lain.

As 2019 is approaching, and you know what that means…it is time to have all of our new year resolutions ready! Selalunya I malas nak buat all the wishlist and end up not participating in this “new year wishlist” ritual. Tapi this year I’ve decided to give it a try. I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT some major changes in my life, to become a better me in 2019. And I’m ready to go chase after them. Hopefully, once I make these wishlist, I’ll actually do everything I can to make them happen, bukan setakat omong kosong. My wishlist ni dari segala aspek la, apa yang I nak jadi, apa yang I nak beli, and everything yang I harap kan in 2019.

So tanpa berlengah lagi, let’s get started!

1. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

Dari dulu lagi I nak sangat beli a compact, Point and Shoot type of camera. Tapi tak pernah betul-betul nak sebab rasa macam tak ada keperluan but now, I wanna have it to achieve my 2019 resolutions which is…….jeng jeng jeng (nak tau kena baca sampai habis 😛)

I dah survey banyak jugak Point and Shoot camera ni, but this Canon Powershot G7X Mark II camera yang I rasa harga paling affordable (bcs I’m a cheapskate Lol) and quality dia setanding dengan harga.

Look at it, siapa je yang tak tergoda! 😍😍😍 Dari taknak beli pon terus jadi nak beli haha. This version is upgraded version dari before ni. Harga dekat website RM2379.00 and I akan make sure I akan memiliki this camera using my own money before the end of 2019!

2. Blog and Vlog

So dah nampak kesinambungan wishlist nombor 1 tadi kan? Yes, I wanna blog and vlog and get income from this medium. I wanna do something for myself, inspire people, do good, spread positivity and last but not least make money from it (siapa je taknak duit Lol) because my ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO WORK FROM HOME WITHOUT GOING TO OFFICE, WORK 8am-5pm I DON’T WANT THAT KIND OF THING!!! I want a financial, time, location and my personal freedom☺️

3. Business

Sejak zaman sekolah lagi, I nak sangat jadi businesswoman kononnya but I really don’t know how to start. My Husband always told me, kalau kita selalu kat tak tau, sampai bila-bila pon tak tau and nothing’s gonna happen. It all start from us, kita yang pilih jalan untuk bejaya, bukan orang lain. So wish I this year, I dapat buat my own business tak pon collaborate dengan my husband. Mana tau something big gonna happen next year. Tak salah untuk bermimpi, yang penting you ada effort juga. Who knows this things really work kan? Pray for me and my husband 😚

4. Travel

Since dah ada travel buddy ni, I memang rasa nak travel je tapi…………iykwim. Tak kisah dalam or luar negara yang penting travel. Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan. Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before because “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page”. InshaAllah if murah rezeki, kitorang nak travel all around the world! ✈️

5. M.Sc. degree holder

I’ve face so much challenge to complete my study. I really don’t know if I can achieve it or not but I’ll try my best as this wishlist is one of my 2018’s resolution yang tak tercapai, so I akan bawa to 2019 la pulak 😅

MSc. life memang sangat meng-down-kan I. I rasa so useless, whenever I see my friends dah have their own career, dah boleh pegang duit sendiri, belanja their parents etc. Selalu rasa macam I tak ada masa depan but dalam masa yang sama, I really wanna make my parents and my husband proud of me but this is a tough journey in my whole fucking life (Haih banyak lah alasan kau Sya). Whatever it is, just pray for me guys.

6. Lose 5kg

Tahun ni I’ve lost 7kg in total, Alhamdulillah. Bertahun-tahun azam baru nak turun berat badan, at last berat naik dan naik dan naik (see my latest post here) but Alhamdulillah, in 2018 I berjaya turun kan even tak banyak tapi turun jugak!!

Selain cut air manis (masa awal-awal tahun je semangat cut air manis sebab nak kahwin) and workout (once or twice per week) faktor yang menyebabkan kurang berat is because I makan brown rice kot. So yang tak boleh nak tinggal nasi (of course, nasi is BAE!) like me, you guys boleh try la from white rice to brown rice, inshaAllah memang effective 😁 Hopefully, I dapat kurangkan lagi 5kg untuk berat badan yang ideal 🤗.

Thank you for reading and I hope 2019 will be a better year for us inshaAllah. So, what’s your 2019 resolution?

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