I’ve been using this Hada Labo Hydrating Face Wash cleanser for about 2 weeks. Everyone knows Hada Labo products semuanya bagus-bagus and banyak nice review. Before this I used Artistry Hydra-V foaming cleanser and I really love it. But lepas dah habis, I’m thinking of trying other product since Artistry tu quite pricey for me 😂

Fyi, I have dry skin and I need to find a cleanser yang tak mengeringkan lagi kulit muka I ni. Before guna Artistry pon, I’ve already try Kayman coal face, tapi it makes my face lagi kering and buat lagi breakout so I terus stop guna. Tapi, semua orang kulit lain-lain, maybe ada yang sesuai, maybe tak. So, kenali kulit anda before guna any products 🙂

Back to cerita pasal Hada Labo ni. I bought this from Watsons for RM29++ and it is 100g . Masa tu ada sale so terus grab je la hehe. Kebanyakan Hada Labo punya cleanser packaging dia lebih kurang sama je so kena tengok betul-betul lah masa pilih tu.

What it claims?

  • Wash the impurities, dirt and oil on our face without drying it.
  • Hydrates as it cleanses while keep the face natural moisture.

Ingredients Highlights

  • The main reason I tertarik untuk try this product pon sebab dia tulis “Infused with Hyaluronic Acid“. And dalam cleanser ni ada 2 types of HA which are Super HA and Absorbent HA. As we all know, HA is good untuk deeply hydrate our skin and bagi muka kita hydrate dalam tempoh masa yang lama.
  • Glycerin pon ada in this product which is so good! It helps to hydrate our skin and hold on to moisture 🙂
  • The other concern masa nak beli cleanser is, I’ll make sure tak ada SLS sebab SLS ni akan mengeringkan lagi muka kita.
  • No fragrance, colorant, alcohol and mineral oil.

My personal experiences with this cleanser?

  • Smell like some chemical thingy tapi tak teruk sangat. Bau dia macamtu pon maybe sebab tak ada fragrance kot.
  • Quite berbuih. Guna sikit pon dah cukup foam dia.
  • Memang rasa bersih gila muka after cuci muka with this cleanser TAPI I don’t really feel it hydrates my skin macam yang dia claims it to be 😅
  • Sometimes after cuci muka, ada rasa macam kering sikit dekat area tepi mulut tapi tak teruk and tak buat muka breakout pon so far.


Yes, I would recommend this cleanser sebab my husband guna jugak this cleanser and dia cakap it works really well on his skin. Harga dia pon not bad so kalau nak try, I rasa okay je.

Kulit orang lain-lain kan, so what didn’t works so well on my skin tak bermaksud dekat orang lain pon akan jadi yang sama 🙂 Kenali kulit anda 😁

That’s all. Thank you for reading. Leave your comments or any inquiries on the comment section below. I’ll reply A.S.A.P. Thank you 🙂

With Love,
Sya 💋

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